Street Art in Rochester and the Surrounding Areas

By Sophia Haynes

A postcard mural located on Park Avenue in downtown Rochester

Rochester is known around the country as a hub for street art of all varieties. Hundreds of pieces have popped up through the years, each offering a splash of color and an insight into the artist’s mind. In addition to many local artists, some have come from across the country or even from overseas to add to the visual catalog in the city.

One of the largest organizations relating to and supporting this street art is known as Wall\Therapy, which found its roots in 2011 but wasn’t named as such until 2012. The initiative was founded by a radiologist, Ian Wilson. He arranged for several artists to create works downtown. Wilson had a love for graffiti culture due to his exposure and participation in Brooklyn’s own scene from a young age. He later described the project as a community intervention, through which he “wanted to get the city to realize it can be more than it is.” Wall\Therapy is coming up on its tenth anniversary in the summer of 2022.

Art itself doesn’t fix things, but it can inspire change. I wanted the murals to be a constant message to the community about who we are and a reminder of how capable we are.”

Dr. Ian Wilson
Brockport Diner Mural on Main Street

These murals are not just limited to the downtown Rochester area. Many can also be found in the smaller villages and towns surrounding Rochester. Brockport has a few murals that can be found right on Main Street. Others can be found in locations including several library branches around the county, the Washington Grove in Cobb’s Hill, the El Camino trail, and in several of the other villages and towns along the Erie Canal.

Lift Bridge Book Shop mural on Main Street



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