Anna Murray Douglass

By Elizabeth Clark Frederick Douglass is a famous Rochester citizen, but what about his wife, Anna Murray Douglass? What is her story? Why has her story been forgotten? Frederick Douglass was an escaped slave who became an activist, public speaker, author, and a leader in the abolitionist movement. Douglass was born into slavery in 1818… Continue reading Anna Murray Douglass

Hartwell Hall: In Honor of Ernest Hartwell

By Aladiana Tosado What we now know as SUNY Brockport developed from the Brockport State Normal School, which was founded in 1866. In the 1940s, after ups and downs, the school secured state and federal funding to remain open, largely through the efforts of principal Ernest Hartwell. After a few years of construction, the new… Continue reading Hartwell Hall: In Honor of Ernest Hartwell

Ground Zero

By Lauren Schultz This memorial is one that people see every day driving through Brockport. Its a tribute not only to the 343 firefighters who died on September 11th, 2001, but also to all the workers in the Twin Towers, the passengers on the flights, and the NYC Department of Sanitation workers who cleaned over… Continue reading Ground Zero

Susan B. Anthony: Famous Suffragist, Abolitionist & Rochesterian

By Evelyn Patterson “Let’s Have Tea” Statue in Rochester Susan B. Anthony was born in 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts, and later she and her family moved to the city of Rochester in 1845. Their Rochester house served as a meeting place for abolitionist groups, and eventually Susan B. Anthony herself became an abolitionist, a follower… Continue reading Susan B. Anthony: Famous Suffragist, Abolitionist & Rochesterian

Fort Drum & “Mr. Fort Drum”

By Elizabeth Ervin History Of Fort Drum, New York In 1809, the United States stationed a company of infantry soldiers at what was then called Sackett’s Harbor to control smuggling between northern New York and Canada. Following the outbreak of the War of 1812, Sacketts Harbor became the center of United States naval and military activity for the… Continue reading Fort Drum & “Mr. Fort Drum”

Susan B. Anthony: A Role Model for All Feminists

By Anna Sheehan Susan B. Anthony was one of the famous activists fighting for woman suffrage in nineteenth-century America. Her grave is available for the public to visit at Mount Hope Cemetery, where she continues to be remembered and celebrated, especially on Election Day. The tradition of placing “I voted” sticker on her headstone started… Continue reading Susan B. Anthony: A Role Model for All Feminists

Susan B. Anthony: A Sticker Salute to Universal Suffrage

By Emily Bishop Well known suffragette Susan B. Anthony’s final resting place lies in one of the earliest modern burial grounds, Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York. It’s there on the first Tuesday of November every year you’ll see a popular Rochester voting tradition. Beginning as early as 2014 women have been honoring Susan… Continue reading Susan B. Anthony: A Sticker Salute to Universal Suffrage

Hauntwell Hall

By Holly Wagner They say we don’t believe in ghost. And I said come to Hartwell and you will. — Florence Miller The hidden tales of Hartwell There’s something in ghost stories that lurk in our minds and spark curiosity. We are often told of haunted graveyards, where souls wander, seeking revenge, or woods we… Continue reading Hauntwell Hall

ADK Fire Towers

By Kelsey Zehr When you think of forest fires, you don’t generally think about the eastern side of the country, right? It is rare to hear similar stories of devastating fires like those in the midwestern and western states. But, the Adirondack Park has seen a fair amount of destructive fires. Fire towers were created… Continue reading ADK Fire Towers

Soldier’s Memorial Tower

By Kaleigh Lauck The Soldier’s Memorial Tower was established in 1894 in the town of Sweden, just off Owens Road. It is a fifty-foot tower made of sandstone. This tower was constructed by the Brockport Rural Cemetery Association. The purpose of this tower was to honor the veterans of the Civil War. It is known… Continue reading Soldier’s Memorial Tower

Mary Jane Holmes: A Brockport Bright

By Emma Cafarella Mary Jane Holmes, born in Brookfield, Massachusetts in 1825, is the second highest selling female author of the nineteenth-century United States, trailing only Harriet Beecher Stowe with a sold total of more than two million books. She wrote a total of 39 novels in addition to several novellas and short stories, publishing… Continue reading Mary Jane Holmes: A Brockport Bright